Was ist das eigentlich? Cyberrisiken verständlich erklärt

Es wird viel über Cyberrisiken gesprochen. Oftmals fehlt aber das grundsätzliche Verständnis, was Cyberrisiken überhaupt sind. Ohne diese zu verstehen, lässt sich aber auch kein Versicherungsschutz gestalten.

Beinahe alle Aktivitäten des täglichen Lebens können heute über das Internet abgewickelt werden. Online-Shopping und Online-Banking sind im Alltag angekommen. Diese Entwicklung trifft längst nicht nur auf Privatleute, sondern auch auf Firmen zu. Das Schlagwort Industrie 4.0 verheißt bereits eine zunehmende Vernetzung diverser geschäftlicher Vorgänge über das Internet.

Anbieter von Cyberversicherungen für kleinere und mittelständische Unternehmen (KMU) haben Versicherungen die Erfahrung gemacht, dass trotz dieser eindeutigen Entwicklung Cyberrisiken immer noch unterschätzt werden, da sie als etwas Abstraktes wahrgenommen werden. Für KMU kann dies ein gefährlicher Trugschluss sein, da gerade hier Cyberattacken existenzbedrohende Ausmaße annehmen können. So wird noch häufig gefragt, was Cyberrisiken eigentlich sind. Diese Frage ist mehr als verständlich, denn ohne (Cyber-)Risiken bestünde auch kein Bedarf für eine (Cyber-)Versicherung.

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If you’re a new user of this guide, be sure to read the Introduction to the Reporter’s Recording Guide. The introduction covers the types of state laws that restrict recording activities; consent requirements; criminal and civil penalties; restrictions adopted by the Federal Communications Commission that apply to broadcasters; and other special circumstances.

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The best electric bikes of 2023

The best electric bikes are rapidly becoming one of the best alternatives to using your car. Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes — from folding models that you can carry around, to large cargo bikes that can haul all your groceries and kids around town. They're great from getting back and forth to work, or if you simply want to take a nice long ride.

Electric bikes have small motors that give you an extra boost when you need it, making it easier to travel up hills and longer distances. What's more, the best electric bikes are simply fun to ride. They'll make you feel like a kid again, even if it's just for commuting. 

Because electric bikes are so hot, there are hundreds of models available — but that also means that there are a lot of duds out there, too. We've tested a number of the top models to give you the best recommendations for all kinds of electric bikes. 

While many of the best electric bikes are expensive — upwards of $2,000 — they're coming down in price; in fact, they also have a list of the best budget electric bikes under $1,500. And before you do any riding, be sure to pick up one of the best bike helmets to keep your head safe, and one of the best bike locks to keep your ride secure. 

Read on for all their best electric bike picks.

The quick list

RadPower RadCity 5 PlusBest overall

The best ebike for most people

It's not the flashiest, but the RadCity 5 Plus will more than fit the needs of most riders. It's comfortable, offers plenty of power, and can be outfitted with lots of accessories. 

Read more below.

Aventon Soltera.2Best budget ebike

The best budget electric bike

For those who don't want to spend too much on an ebike, the Soltera.2 offers just about everything you could want, with few compromises. 

Read more below.

Charge Bikes CityBest for commuters

The best for commuters

This affordable ebike has a neat feature: Its handlebars can turn sideways, so it'll take up less room when you have to store it in a hallway or some other cramped space.

Read more below

RadPower RadRunner 3 PlusBest cargo ebike

RadPower RadRunner 3 Plus

The best cargo ebike

A truly versatile ebike that can be configured with dozens of accessories. It's also compact, powerful, very comfortable to ride, and one of the most affordable cargo bikes around.

Read more below 

Aventon Aventure.2Best fat tire ebike

Best fat tire ebike

If you're looking for an ebike that can go anywhere, look no further. This bike is responsive, stable in all conditions, including snow, has both lights and turn signals, and even comes with fenders.

Read more below

GoCycle G4i+Best folding ebike

Best folding ebike

This futuristic-looking ebike is made from carbon fiber, which keeps its weight to just 36 pounds. It has a speedy electronic shifter, responsive and powerful motor, and a great range for something this small. It ain't cheap, though.

Read more below.

The best electric bikes you can buy today best electric bike (Image credit: Future)

The best electric bike for most people


Battery: 48V, 14 Ah (672 Wh) (removable)

Max estimated range: 45 miles

Motor: 750W brushless geared hub motor

Gearing: 7-Speed Shimano Altus

Reasons to buy +

Very comfortable to ride


Easy to attach accessories


Powerful motor

Reasons to avoid -

Secondary display hard to read in sunlight


Cable management could be better

For the vast majority of riders, the Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus will be the best electric bike. It has a comfortable design, plenty of power, and a multitude of mounting points for things such as baskets and child seats. Plus, it comes with a rear rack and mudguards. Its 7-speed shifter, combined with three levels of pedal assistance and a twist throttle is more than enough to get you up even the steepest of hills.

We really enjoyed pedaling around on this bike, which is offered in both step-through and step-over models. Its battery, while not fully integrated into the downtube, provides plenty of range, and can also be used to charge your phone (with the right adapter). At a starting price of $1,999, it's reasonably affordable, too.

Check out their Rad Power Bikes promo codes for the latest discounts. 

Read their full Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus review.

best budget ebike

Aventon Soltera.2 review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

The best electric bike if you're on a budget


Battery: Removable Lithium-Ion 36V, 9.6Ah (360Wh) with LG cells

Max estimated range: 46 miles, depending on assist setting

Max assisted speed: 20 mph

Motor: 36V, 350W brushless rear hub motor with torque sensor

Gearing: 7-speed Shimano

Weight: 41 pounds

Reasons to buy +

Great price


Impressive comfort


Easy to read head unit


Turn signals

Reasons to avoid -

Motor feels underpowered

The Aventon Soltera.2 is the successor to their previous top pick among the best budget electric bikes. This modestly priced model costs less than $1,500, yet sacrifices very little in the name of economy. In their tests, they found it very comfortable to ride, and it looks great, too. They also liked that it has features you won't find on other budget electric bikes — namely, the built-in turn signals, which are a real help when riding in traffic. 

However, the Soltera's rear hub motor does feel a little underpowered, especially on hills, but thanks to a torque sensor, it's a lot more responsive than the original Aventon Soltera. If you're looking for a low-cost electric bike to get you around town, this is definitely the model to pick up. Be sure to check out the best budget electric bikes for more picks.

Read their full Aventon Soltera.2 electric bike review.

best for commuters

Charge Bikes City review

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Best electric bike for commuters


Battery: 418Wh (removable)

Max estimated range: 50 miles

Motor: Bafang rear hub motor

Gearing: Shimano 7-speed

Reasons to buy +

Excellent handling


Complete set of features

If you plan on commuting to work, Charge Bikes City may well be the best ebike for you. Not only does it come with features like full-fenders to keep the mud off and a rear rack for a pack or bag, but it does everything well for a very reasonable price. The Charge City has a five level power assist, as well as a full-power throttle button, should the need or hill arise. It comes with all the necessary bells and whistles a commuter is going to want, including the bell (actually a superior and very loud electronic horn). The bike is available in both step-over and step through, and in a few color options, too.

The handle bars fold flat, for easy storage in an apartment or cubicle, and the City's electric support is so smooth you'll think you're doing all the work yourself. They were able to do three days plus of typical city commuting before having to re-charge. At night, the bike's lights sufficiently lit up the road and the throttle helped us zip around potential trouble when they felt out of gas. Founded by folks from biking icon Cannondale, Charge's sui generis feature is that even newbies can assemble the bike right out of the box in 10 minutes or less. All you basically have to do is put the front wheel on. 

Read their full Charge Bikes City review

Best cargo ebike

Radpower RadRunner 3 Plus e-bike in backyard

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Best cargo ebike


Battery: 672Wh, removable

Max estimated range: 45 miles

Motor: 750W brushless geared hub motor

Gearing: Shimano 7-speed

Max assisted speed: 20 mph

Weight: 75.5 pounds

Reasons to buy +

Easy to reconfigure for your specific needs


Powerful hub motor


Throttle adds assist over your pedaling assist when needed

Reasons to avoid -

Could use a center stand rather than kickstand

While it can't haul as heavy loads as some other larger (and much more expensive) cargo bikes, the RadPower RadRunner 3 Plus is more than capable of carrying you, your kids, and plenty of groceries wherever you need to go. They loved its responsive 750W motor, its comfortable ride, and its low center of gravity, thanks to its 3.3-inch thick, 20-inch tires.

What makes the RadRunner 3 Plus stand out is its versatility: You can outfit the bike with any number of combinations of racks, seats, bags, and other accessories to truly customize it for your needs. And, its relatively low price for a cargo bike makes it a real bargain for those looking to replace their car with an electric bike.

Read their full RadPower RadRunner 3 Plus review.

Best fat tire ebike

Aventon Aventure.2 sitting outside at park

Aventon Aventure (Image credit: Tom's Guide)

This fat tire ebike will get you anywhere you need to go


Battery: 48V, 15Ah

Max estimated range: 60 miles

Max assisted speed: 28 mph

Motor: 750 watts, 48V, rear hub motor

Gearing: Shimano Acera 8-speed rear derailleur

Wheel diameter: 26 inches

Weight: 77 pounds

Reasons to buy +

Very fun ride with excellent pedaling assist response


Stable and capable in all conditions, including snow


Has both lights and turn signals

Reasons to avoid -

Very heavy bike


Suspension fork is unnecessary

If you're looking for a fat-tire electric bike that's less than $2,000, the Aventon Aventure.2 is hard to beat. It's as good off-road as it is on pavement, has a beefy battery and a clear color display, as well as fenders that'll save your clothes from getting too muddy. Other niceties include a brake-activated rear light and turn signals.

The Aventure.2 has both pedal-assist and throttle modes, and the battery and wires are neatly integrated into the frame. What's more, the battery can be removed for charging. While not as capable as a dedicated mountain bike, the Aventure.2 was able to get us up and over hilly terrain, and its torque sensor was quick to translate their pedaling into power. Their only real critiques were the bike's 77-pound weight and its front suspension fork, which felt unnecessary. Otherwise, it's an excellent bike for the price.

Read their full Aventon Aventure.2 review.

Best folding ebike

GoCycle G4i+ parked at Moynihan Train Hall

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Best folding electric bike


Battery: 10.4Ah, 36V

Max estimated range: 50 miles

Max assisted speed: 20 mph

Motor: G4 Drive, front hub, 500 watt (US)

Gearing: Shimano Nexus 3-speed

Wheel diameter: 20 inches

Weight: 36 pounds

Reasons to buy +

Futuristic sleek design


Easy to collapse and unfold



Reasons to avoid -

Flimsy smartphone holder


Mudguards, headlight sold separately

The Gocycle G4i+ looks like something a supercar designer would build, which isn't surprising given that it was conceived by former McLaren sports car engineer Richard Thorpe. Not only is this bike's unique wheels-on-one-side and tapered body eye-catching, it is also able to fold up in a couple of minutes into a size small enough to get by security and into the office elevator. At 36 pounds, it's one of the lightest folding electric bikes out there, too. 

Despite that, this bike was a real pleasure to ride. Its electric shifter responded near instantly, as did the pedal assist and throttle. However, while the G4i+ has daytime running lights, you'll have to pay extra for a legit headlight, as well as mudguards. Also, the G4i+ has a great smartphone app, but one of the flimsiest methods of holding your phone on the bike itself — a cheap solution for a bike that costs $7,000. 

If you're looking for something slightly more affordable, GoCycle also sells the G4i ($5,999) and the G4 ($4,799). A 2022 version of the G4 has an injection molded composite mid-frame.

Read their full GoCycle G4i+ review.

Other excellent ebikes

Ride1Up Turris parked outside against wall

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

An inexpensive electric bike that hits all the marks


Battery: 48V, 12.8Ah Reention Prism, LG cells

Estimated range: 25-45 miles

Max assist speed: 28mph

Motor: 750-watt, 48V Shengyi geared hub motor, 60Nm torque

Gearing: Shimano 7-speed, 11-32 cassette and 44T chainring

Weight: 55 pounds

Reasons to buy +

Good assist power when pedaling


Great price


Comfortable to ride

Reasons to avoid -

Suspension fork seems unnecessary

The Ride1Up Turris is a solid e-bike that doesn't cost a lot, but delivers plenty. It starts with its powerful 750W motor, which was quick to engage and carried us up hills with ease. 

We also liked all the niceties that came with the bike, including a front headlight, front and rear fenders, an easy-to-read display, and nice, wide tires that made it easy for us to get across all kinds of terrain. 

However, there's some assembly required: They had to attach the fork, one crank arm, and the fenders, all of which needed some adjustment. If you're unfamiliar with putting bikes together, you may need to make a trip to your local bike shop. 

Read their full Ride1Up Turris review.

best electric bikes: Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB

(Image credit: Gazelle)

A refined — but pricey — ride


Battery: 500 Wh

Max estimated range: 43 miles

Max assisted speed: 20 mph

Motor: Bosch Performance Line 3.0 65 Nm mid-drive motor

Gearing: Enviolo 380 stepless gear system

Wheel diameter: 28 inches

Weight: 54.6 lbs. (with battery)

Reasons to buy +

Excellent ride


Frictionless electric power


Top combination of accessories

The Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB is one of the smoothest-riding electric bikes we've tested. Thanks to a Gates belt drive and seamless Enviolo shifter that allows you to change gears in the middle of a hill, everything about this bike is effortless. Its low-step frame is topped with a Selle Loire Gel seat with an internal compression post to soften the ride. The aluminum frame also has an internal front fork suspension system and removable battery to keep the whole design as svelte as possible. 

The Gazelle has full mud guards, a metal belt guard (to keep your pants clean), kickstand, lights front and back, a rear rack with a built-in stretch bracket, and even an Axa Defender lock that immobilizes the rear wheel when you snap it shut and remove the key. But, all of this will cost you: The Gazelle Ultimate is a steep $4,800.

Read their full Gazelle Ultimate C380 HMB review.

Yuba Supercargo CL at park

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Best electric cargo bike


Battery: PowerPack 500 Battery with 250W and 36V of power

Motor: Bosch Cargo Line Cruise Motor+

Gearing: Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain

Size: 8.5 feet long

Weight: 88.2 pounds

Range (est): 60 miles

Reasons to buy +

Stable, fun ride


Lots of cargo space


Quick, responsive, and powerful motor

Reasons to avoid -

Bumps can be a bit jarring

The Yuba Supercargo CL can haul an astounding 500 pounds, making it one of the heftiest electric cargo bikes in its class. Yet, it offers a surprisingly stable ride, thanks to its low center of gravity. Its cargo area is very customizable, letting you convert it from a place to carry groceries to a space to tote your tots to soccer practice.  

Magna hydraulic brakes and a Bosch mid-drive motor were very responsive, though the relatively small 20-inch tires and lack of suspension did make bumps feel a bit jarring. The Supercargo CL starts at around $6,000, but is incredibly customizable; you can select from a range of accessories to adapt the cargo area to suit your needs. 

Read their full Yuba Supercargo CL review.

Biktrix Stunner X review

(Image credit: Biktrix)

A great electric bike for on- and offroad fun


Battery: 840 Wh (as tested)

Max estimated range: 40 miles

Max assisted speed: 20 mph

Motor: Bafang 750w mid drive motor

Gearing: Shimano Alivio 9-speed

Wheel diameter: 26 inches

Weight: 65.8 pounds (with large battery)

Reasons to buy +

Super solid ride in the rough


Good hill-climbing power


Smooth mid-drive motor

The all-weather Biktrix Stunner X is equally at home in the mud and snow as it is on pothole-dotted city streets, keeping the rider comfortable and in control no matter the terrain or conditions. It's got enough of a kick to get you up a gravel hill, and enough padding so that your ride doesn't turn into a torture test.

Its Bafang 750W mid-drive motor is surprisingly powerful, and can be used in pedal-assist as well as throttle mode, for when you want to give your legs a break. While not as nimble as purpose-built electric mountain bikes, it performed admirably on mud-slicked roads. Their only real critique is that the Bafang controller was a bit difficult to master.

Read their full Biktrix Stunner X electric bike review

Side view of Urban Arrow Family Cargo

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

Best cargo bike for hauling your kids


Battery: Bosch Powerpack 500

Motor: Bosch Cargo Line

Gearing: Enviolo Heavy Duty

Size: 9 feet long

Weight: 110 pounds

Range (est): 31 miles

Reasons to buy +

Great kickstand




Easy to get going from a dead stop


Bosch motor engages quickly and consistently

Reasons to avoid -

Backsweep on handlebars puts wrists at awkward angle


Very heavy and long 

While a lot of cargo ebikes can carry kids, the Urban Arrow Family is the best electric bike for the job. They really liked its stability and the ease with which they could start this massive bike from a dead stop. This is not a small bike: it's 9 feet long and weighs 110 pounds, which is a good thing that it also has one of the best kickstands we've seen yet from a bike.

The cargo area is made of thick EPP foam, which is designed to absorb impacts. The seats — there are also adjustable seatbelts — are also fairly low, which keeps the center of gravity low. As you might expect from such a large bike, its range is fairly limited — around 31 miles — but the battery is removable. Overall, it offers an incredibly smooth ride for its size.

Read their full Urban Arrow Family electric bike review. 

Juiced RipRacer parked on mountain trail

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

A truly fun fat tire BMX-style ebike for less


Battery: 800 aH

Motor: 1300W (Peak) 750W (Sustained), Rear Hub Motor

Gearing: Single speed

Weight: 66 pounds

Max advertised range: 55 miles

Max advertised assist speed: 28 mph

Reasons to buy +

Powerful pedal assist with a full-throttle mode




Competitively priced

Reasons to avoid -

No shocks


Single speed

The Juiced Ripracer is a lot more fun than it should be, for a lot less than you might think. It's one of the more affordable offroad ebikes we've tested, and it can go just about anywhere. This fat-tire ride has a 40.3-inch wheelbase and 20-inch wheels designed for trails and other unpaved surfaces, though its lack of shock absorbers means a rougher ride than with so-equipped e-bikes. 

This bike has some serious pep, and it flew just about everywhere they wanted it to go. They really liked its low-end torque, which made it great for getting up hills. However, it has a cadence, rather than a torque sensor, so it takes a rotation or two of the pedals for the assist to kick in. As it's a BMX-style bike, the Ripracer is a lot smaller than other mountain e-bikes, which also makes it easier to maneuver around tight spaces. 

Read their full Juiced Ripracer review.

Brompton Electric Folding Bike H6L

(Image credit: Brompton)

A more affordable folding bike


Battery: 300Wh, 36V

Max estimated range: 20-45 miles

Max assisted speed: 15mph

Motor: Hub-mounted 250 W

Gearing: 6 gears

Wheel diameter: 16 inches

Weight: 32 pounds with battery

Reasons to buy +

Very light and compact


Removable battery offers versatility


Folds and unfolds super easily

Reasons to avoid -

Wheels are too small and narrow for super-rough roads

If you're looking for something more affordable than the GoCycle, the Brompton Electric C Line Explore is the best electric folding bike for those who need something super-portable. It's also very small and compact, weighing just 32 pounds, yet its 250W motor is strong enough to get you around with plenty of zip. Its battery, which comes in a removable bag that's also great for storing other things, provides up to 45 miles of range — a good long way.

We also like that the C Line has a second pair of tiny wheels that make it a lot easier to roll the bike around when it's folded. Just keep in ming that this commuter-focused bike has smallish 16-inch wheels, so it's not meant to handle rougher roads. 

Read their full Brompton Electric C Line Explore review.

Riese and Mūller Load 60 in park

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

A true car-replacement electric cargo bike


Weight: 83 pounds

Gross weight rating: 441 pounds

Motor: Bosch Cargo Line Speed

Max assist speed: 28mph

Battery: Bosch PowerPack 500 Performance, 36V, 13.4Ah/500Wh

Max range: N/A

Charge time: 4.5 hours

Drivetrain: Enviolo with Gates Carbon Drive

Front suspension: 70mm

Rear suspension: 80mm

Reasons to buy +

Best in class comfort


Easy to steer


Tight turning radius


Loud horn appropriate for use in car traffic

Reasons to avoid -

Very expensive


More moving parts means more potential for maintenance/repair

If you're looking to replace your car with an electric bike, then the Riese and Mūller Load 60 should be at the top of your list. Despite its large size and weight, the Load 60 was a delight to ride, with a tight turning radius, full suspension, a Gates carbon belt drive, and a strong and responsive motor assist.

We also loved the startlingly loud horn — a must if you want cars to know you're there — as well as the myriad accessories and options available when configuring the bike. However, if you want the Cadillac of cargo bikes, you'll have to pay Cadillac prices: The Load 60 starts at around $10,000, so you'll have to really consider how much you plan to ride it. But if you do spring for this bike, you won't be disappointed. 

Read their full Riese and Mūller Load 60 review. 

What to look for when buying an electric bike

Pedal-assist or throttle? All electric bikes have what's called pedal-assist; you start pedaling, and the bike's motor kicks in to make your ride a little easier. But you need to put in at least some work: you won't go anywhere unless you pedal. Most electric bikes will also let you set the level of assistance, so you can decide how hard you want to pedal.

However, some electric bikes will also have a throttle. Press a button or push a lever, and the bike will do all the work for you — no pedaling needed! Using a throttle will quickly eat up the battery life on the bike, so you'll get far less of a range if you don't want to pedal at all.

Motor type Less expensive electric bikes traditionally use a rear hub motor. Mid-drive motors located in the center pedal crank shaft tend to be more expensive but offer better overall balance and smoother shifting. 

Motors are also rated based on their power, measured in Watts. Typically, the least powerful motor will be 250 Watts, but unless you're a very large person or planning to go up really steep hills, the motor size shouldn’t be a major determining factor for your purchase. More important,  there is no industry standard for measuring Watts (is it continuous or peak and if peak, for how long?). So in general, a motor’s Watt rating isn’t a reliable indication of power.

Battery size Consider where you live. If you're in San Francisco you're going to want more help than if you're cruising around Austin. Watt hours (Wh) is the most important figure for comparison—it takes into account battery output and battery life to give you a better sense of available power. Higher Wh translates into more range. 

Many electric bike makers will also include an estimated range (usually about 40 miles) that you can get off a single charge. You should take this figure with a large grain of salt, as that number is usually determined under ideal circumstances: A fairly lightweight person riding on flat terrain with no wind, and at the perfect ambient temperature for the battery. Range is also dependent on the level of power assist being used, whether full-throttle has been applied and for how long, and your average speed. As they say, your mileage may vary.

Removable or built-in battery? Most bike batteries will handle rides of about 40 miles and need to be plugged in for at least a couple of hours to get to 80 percent of capacity. So if you have a more demanding commute, consider a model that lets you swap out the battery rather than a bike with an integrated battery. 

Also, if you live in a place where you can't bring your bike inside or get close to a wall outlet (such as if you live in a walk-up apartment), definitely look for a bike with a removable battery. It will make your life a lot easier.

Step-over or Step-through? Many electric bike makers will offer their bikes in two configurations: Step-over (which has a top bar that runs parallel to the ground) and Step-through (the bar is angled downwards). Once upon a time, step-through models were traditionally thought of as women's bikes, but that perception is changing. It's generally easier to get on and off a step-through bike, as you don't have to lift your leg over a bar. 

Safety features If you're planning to ride your electric bike in traffic or in low-light conditions (such as dawn and dusk), it's worth looking for an electric bike with built-in head and taillights. While increasingly common, it's not a standard feature on all models. 

Electric bike FAQ What are the different types of electric bike?

Generally speaking, electric bikes fall into the same categories as non-electric bikes. Here's a quick summary of some of the kinds of electric bikes you'll find.

Road bike: These are meant solely for riding on roads, and are designed for speed. They will have thinner tires and curved handlebars, so that the rider will be crouched forward. Higher-end models may also be made out of carbon fiber, so as to make the bike as light as possible.

Mountain bike: Designed for off-road use, mountain bikes will have thick, knobby tires, full suspension, and a burlier frame to better absorb bumps and jumps. 

Fat tire bikes: Similar to mountain bikes, fat tire bikes are meant to be ridden off-road, usually on very soft ground, such as mud, sand, and snow. As their name suggests, these bikes have very wide tires — as much as four inches — which helps keep a grip on unsteadier terrain.

City/Commuter bike: Made for urban dwellers who need to get around town, a commuter bike will have tires that are somewhere in between a road and a mountain bike. Generally, the bikes will be configured so that the rider's back is vertical when seated, which gives them a better view of their surroundings.

Cargo bike: These bikes are made for carrying heavy loads, and will have a cargo area either in the front or rear of the bike. Because of the payload area, these bikes often tend to me much longer and heavier — and more expensive — than a typical bike.  

What is a good speed for an electric bike?

In the U.S., electric bikes are limited to 20 miles per hour; that is, they can only provide you with power — either through pedal-assist or with a throttle — until the bike hits 20 MPH. While you can easily go faster than 20 MPH on an electric bike, the rest of that power will have to be provided by you — or gravity. 

How much does an electric bike cost?

Electric bikes range widely in price. Some of the best cheap electric bikes start at around $1,000; you can certainly find models for less, but quality will be less. 

The bulk of electric bikes cost anywhere from $1,500 to around $2,500, and there are hundreds of models in this price range.  

Higher-end and specialized electric bikes — such as cargo bikes — will cost upwards of $3,000, and can easily reach $6,000 to $8,000, which is a sizable investment. 

rules and regulations

There has been a lot of confusion about ebikes (pedal assist versus throttle bikes) and where you can legally ride them. Some municipalities have banned ebikes from bicycle paths, for example. Many places classify ebikes depending on whether they can go full throttle and have a maximum speed of 20 or 28 mph. There are three official classifications:

Class 1: Ebikes that only assist while you pedal, with a top speed of 20 mph.

Class 2: Ebikes with a throttle that don't require you to pedal but have a top speed of 20 mph.

Class 3: Ebikes that only assist while you pedal, with a top speed of 28 mph.

So check your local regulations before you buy. And always wear a helmet.

how they test

All the bicycles in this feature were road (and in some cases, off-road) tested by Tom’s Guide reviewers and staff. Day and night rides, where relevant, are also included and bikes are tested for stability, handling, and safety features (including lights, reflectors, and horns). With an increasing number of models available online only, they also take ease of assembly into account.

Next: If you're looking at electric skateboards, then they recommend the Base Camp F11 that is an urban commuter's dream.

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Warum sind Cyberrisiken so schwer greifbar?

Als mehr oder weniger neuartiges Phänomen stellen Cyberrisiken Unternehmen und Versicherer vor besondere Herausforderungen. Nicht nur die neuen Schadenszenarien sind abstrakter oder noch nicht bekannt. Häufig sind immaterielle Werte durch Cyberrisiken in Gefahr. Diese wertvollen Vermögensgegenstände sind schwer bewertbar.

Obwohl die Gefahr durchaus wahrgenommen wird, unterschätzen viele Firmen ihr eigenes Risiko. Dies liegt unter anderem auch an den Veröffentlichungen zu Cyberrisiken. In der Presse finden sich unzählige Berichte von Cyberattacken auf namhafte und große Unternehmen. Den Weg in die Presse finden eben nur die spektakulären Fälle. Die dort genannten Schadenszenarien werden dann für das eigene Unternehmen als unrealistisch eingestuft. Die für die KMU nicht minder gefährlichen Cyber­attacken werden nur selten publiziert.

Aufgrund der fehlenden öffentlichen Meldungen von Sicherheitsvorfällen an Sicherheitsbehörden und wegen der fehlenden Presseberichte fällt es schwer, Fakten und Zahlen zur Risikolage zu erheben. Aber ohne diese Grundlage fällt es schwer, in entsprechende Sicherheitsmaßnahmen zu investieren.

Erklärungsleitfaden anhand eines Ursache-Wirkungs-Modells

Häufig nähert man sich dem Thema Cyberrisiko anlass- oder eventbezogen, also wenn sich neue Schaden­szenarien wie die weltweite WannaCry-Attacke entwickeln. Häufig wird auch akteursgebunden beleuchtet, wer Angreifer oder Opfer sein kann. Dadurch begrenzt man sich bei dem Thema häufig zu sehr nur auf die Cyberkriminalität. Um dem Thema Cyberrisiko jedoch gerecht zu werden, müssen auch weitere Ursachen hinzugezogen werden.

Mit einer Kategorisierung kann das Thema ganzheitlich und nachvollziehbar strukturiert werden. Ebenso hilft eine solche Kategorisierung dabei, eine Abgrenzung vorzunehmen, für welche Gefahren Versicherungsschutz über eine etwaige Cyberversicherung besteht und für welche nicht.

Die Ursachen sind dabei die Risiken, während finanzielle bzw. nicht finanzielle Verluste die Wirkungen sind. Cyberrisiken werden demnach in zwei Hauptursachen eingeteilt. Auf der einen Seite sind die nicht kriminellen Ursachen und auf der anderen Seite die kriminellen Ursachen zu nennen. Beide Ursachen können dabei in drei Untergruppen unterteilt werden.

Nicht kriminelle Ursachen

Höhere Gewalt

Häufig hat man bei dem Thema Cyberrisiko nur die kriminellen Ursachen vor Augen. Aber auch höhere Gewalt kann zu einem empfindlichen Datenverlust führen oder zumindest die Verfügbarkeit von Daten einschränken, indem Rechenzentren durch Naturkatastrophen wie beispielsweise Überschwemmungen oder Erdbeben zerstört werden. Ebenso sind Stromausfälle denkbar.

Menschliches Versagen/Fehlverhalten

Als Cyberrisiken sind auch unbeabsichtigtes und menschliches Fehlverhalten denkbar. Hierunter könnte das versehentliche Veröffentlichen von sensiblen Informationen fallen. Möglich sind eine falsche Adressierung, Wahl einer falschen Faxnummer oder das Hochladen sensibler Daten auf einen öffentlichen Bereich der Homepage.

Technisches Versagen

Auch Hardwaredefekte können zu einem herben Datenverlust führen. Neben einem Überhitzen von Rechnern sind Kurzschlüsse in Systemtechnik oder sogenannte Headcrashes von Festplatten denkbare Szenarien.

Kriminelle Ursachen


Hackerangriffe oder Cyberattacken sind in der Regel die Szenarien, die die Presse dominieren. Häufig wird von spektakulären Datendiebstählen auf große Firmen oder von weltweiten Angriffen mit sogenannten Kryptotrojanern berichtet. Opfer kann am Ende aber jeder werden. Ziele, Methoden und auch das Interesse sind vielfältig. Neben dem finanziellen Interesse können Hackerangriffe auch zur Spionage oder Sabotage eingesetzt werden. Mögliche Hackermethoden sind unter anderem: Social Engineering, Trojaner, DoS-Attacken oder Viren.

Physischer Angriff

Die Zielsetzung eines physischen Angriffs ist ähnlich dem eines Hacker­angriffs. Dabei wird nicht auf die Tools eines Hackerangriffs zurückgegriffen, sondern durch das physische Eindringen in Unternehmensgebäude das Ziel erreicht. Häufig sind es Mitarbeiter, die vertrauliche Informationen stehlen, da sie bereits den notwendigen Zugang zu den Daten besitzen.


Obwohl die Erpressung aufgrund der eingesetzten Methoden auch als Hacker­angriff gewertet werden könnte, ergibt eine Differenzierung Sinn. Erpressungsfälle durch Kryptotrojaner sind eines der häufigsten Schadenszenarien für kleinere und mittelständische Unternehmen. Außerdem sind auch Erpressungsfälle denkbar, bei denen sensible Daten gestohlen wurden und ein Lösegeld gefordert wird, damit sie nicht veröffentlicht oder weiterverkauft werden.

Ihre Cyberversicherung sollte zumindet folgende Schäden abdecken:


  • Soforthilfe und Forensik-Kosten (Kosten der Ursachenermittlung, Benachrichtigungskosten und Callcenter-Leistung)
  • Krisenkommunikation / PR-Maßnahmen
  • Systemverbesserungen nach einer Cyber-Attacke
  • Aufwendungen vor Eintritt des Versicherungsfalls

Cyber-Drittschäden (Haftpflicht):

  • Befriedigung oder Abwehr von Ansprüchen Dritter
  • Rechtswidrige elektronische Kommunikation
  • Ansprüche der E-Payment-Serviceprovider
  • Vertragsstrafe wegen der Verletzung von Geheimhaltungspflichten und Datenschutzvereinbarungen
  • Vertragliche Schadenersatzansprüche
  • Vertragliche Haftpflicht bei Datenverarbeitung durch Dritte
  • Rechtsverteidigungskosten


  • Betriebsunterbrechung
  • Betriebsunterbrechung durch Ausfall von Dienstleister (optional)
  • Mehrkosten
  • Wiederherstellung von Daten (auch Entfernen der Schadsoftware)
  • Cyber-Diebstahl: elektronischer Zahlungsverkehr, fehlerhafter Versand von Waren, Telefon-Mehrkosten/erhöhte Nutzungsentgelte
  • Cyber-Erpressung
  • Entschädigung mit Strafcharakter/Bußgeld
  • Ersatz-IT-Hardware
  • Cyber-Betrug