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Es wird viel über Cyberrisiken gesprochen. Oftmals fehlt aber das grundsätzliche Verständnis, was Cyberrisiken überhaupt sind. Ohne diese zu verstehen, lässt sich aber auch kein Versicherungsschutz gestalten.

Beinahe alle Aktivitäten des täglichen Lebens können heute über das Internet abgewickelt werden. Online-Shopping und Online-Banking sind im Alltag angekommen. Diese Entwicklung trifft längst nicht nur auf Privatleute, sondern auch auf Firmen zu. Das Schlagwort Industrie 4.0 verheißt bereits eine zunehmende Vernetzung diverser geschäftlicher Vorgänge über das Internet.

Anbieter von Cyberversicherungen für kleinere und mittelständische Unternehmen (KMU) haben Versicherungen die Erfahrung gemacht, dass trotz dieser eindeutigen Entwicklung Cyberrisiken immer noch unterschätzt werden, da sie als etwas Abstraktes wahrgenommen werden. Für KMU kann dies ein gefährlicher Trugschluss sein, da gerade hier Cyberattacken existenzbedrohende Ausmaße annehmen können. So wird noch häufig gefragt, was Cyberrisiken eigentlich sind. Diese Frage ist mehr als verständlich, denn ohne (Cyber-)Risiken bestünde auch kein Bedarf für eine (Cyber-)Versicherung.

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The CEN test is for nurses in the emergency department setting who want to demonstrate their expertise, knowledge and versatility in emergency nursing.

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One of the more common questions they get from their customers is about the difference between a certification and a certificate. Here is the difference in a nutshell:

A certificate comes from an educational program where a certificate is awarded after the individual successfully completes the offering. Examples of certificates are Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) or Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC).

A certification, like the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) is an earned credential that demonstrates the individuals specialized knowledge and skills. Certification is awarded by a third-party organization, such as Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing. Individuals receive their certification after meeting strict eligibility requirements and successfully completing the required examination. In addition, certifications have ongoing requirements that must be meant to maintain the credential, ensuring the holder has maintained their level of expertise in the specialty area. Certifications are nationally recognized and are often utilized as part of the earners signature.

Earning professional certifications such as the CEN, CPEN, CFRN, CTRN and TCRN offered by BCEN, and completing certificate programs such as ACLS, PALS, ENCP and TNCC, are critical to the work emergency nurses do, but there are significant differences.

1. Cardiovascular Emergencies 20

A. Acute coronary syndrome

B. Aneurysm/dissection

C. Cardiopulmonary arrest

D. Dysrhythmias

E. Endocarditis

F. Heart failure

G. Hypertension

H. Pericardial tamponade

I. Pericarditis

J. Peripheral vascular disease (e.g., arterial, venous)

K. Thromboembolic disease (e.g., deep vein thrombosis [DVT])

L. Trauma

M. Shock (cardiogenic and obstructive)

2. Respiratory Emergencies 16

A. Aspiration

B. Asthma

C. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

D. Infections

E. Inhalation injuries

F. Obstruction

G. Pleural effusion

H. Pneumothorax

I. Pulmonary edema, noncardiac

J. Pulmonary embolus

K. Respiratory distress syndrome

L. Trauma

3. Neurological Emergencies 16

A. Alzheimer's disease/dementia

B. Chronic neurological disorders (e.g., multiple sclerosis, myasthenia gravis)

C. Guillain-Barré syndrome

D. Headache (e.g., temporal arteritis,migraine)

E. Increased intracranial pressure (ICP)

F. Meningitis

G. Seizure disorders

H. Shunt dysfunctions

I. Spinal cord injuries, including neurogenic shock

J. Stroke (ischemic or hemorrhagic)

K. Transient ischemic attack (TIA)

L. Trauma

4. Gastrointestinal, Genitourinary, Gynecology, and Obstetrical Emergencies 21

A. Gastrointestinal

1. Acute abdomen (e.g., peritonitis, appendicitis)

2. Bleeding

3. Cholecystitis

4. Cirrhosis

5. Diverticulitis

6. Esophageal varices

7. Esophagitis

8. Foreign bodies

9. Gastritis

10. Gastroenteritis

11. Hepatitis

12. Hernia

13. Inflammatory bowel disease

14. Intussusception

15. Obstructions

16. Pancreatitis

17. Trauma

18. Ulcers

B. Genitourinary

1. Foreign bodies

2. Infection (e.g., urinary tract infection, pyelonephritis, epididymitis, orchiitis, STDs)

3. Priapism

4. Renal calculi

5. Testicular torsion

6. Trauma

7. Urinary retention

C. Gynecology

1. Bleeding/dysfunction (vaginal)

2. Foreign bodies

3. Hemorrhage

4. Infection (e.g., discharge, pelvic inflammatory disease, STDs)

5. Ovarian cyst

6. Sexual assault/battery

7. Trauma

D. Obstetrical

1. Abruptio placenta

2. Ectopic pregnancy

3. Emergent delivery

4. Hemorrhage (e.g., postpartum bleeding)

5. Hyperemesis gravidarum

6. Neonatal resuscitation

7. Placenta previa

8. Postpartum infection

9. Preeclampsia, eclampsia, HELLP syndrome

10. Preterm labor

11. Threatened/spontaneous abortion

12. Trauma

5. Psychosocial and Medical Emergencies 25

A. Psychosocial

1. Abuse and neglect

2. Aggressive/violent behavior

3. Anxiety/panic

4. Bipolar disorder

5. Depression

6. Homicidal ideation

7. Psychosis

8. Situational crisis (e.g., job loss, relationship issues, unexpected death)

9. Suicidal ideation

B. Medical

1. Allergic reactions and anaphylaxis

2. Blood dyscrasias

a. Hemophilia

b. Other coagulopathies (e.g., anticoagulant medications, thrombocytopenia)

c. Leukemia

d. Sickle cell crisis

3. Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)

4. Electrolyte/fluid imbalance

5. Endocrine conditions:

a. Adrenal

b. Glucose related conditions

c. Thyroid

6. Fever

7. Immunocompromise (e.g., HIV/AIDS, patients receiving chemotherapy)

8. Renal failure

9. Sepsis and septic shock

6. Maxillofacial, Ocular, Orthopedic and Wound Emergencies 21

A. Maxillofacial

1. Abscess (i.e., peritonsillar)

2. Dental conditions

3. Epistaxis

4. Facial nerve disorders (e.g., Bells palsy, trigeminal neuralgia)

5. Foreign bodies

6. Infections (e.g., Ludwig'sangina, otitis, sinusitis, mastoiditis)

7. Acute vestibular dysfunction (e.g., labrinthitis, Ménière's disease)

8. Ruptured tympanic membrane

9. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dislocation

10. Trauma

B. Ocular

1. Abrasions

2. Burns

3. Foreign bodies

4. Glaucoma

5. Infections (e.g., conjunctivitis, iritis)

6. Retinal artery occlusion

7. Retinal detachment

8. Trauma (e.g., hyphema, laceration, globe rupture)

9. Ulcerations/keratitis

C. Orthopedic

1. Amputation

2. Compartment syndrome

3. Contusions

4. Costochondritis

5. Foreign bodies

6. Fractures/dislocations

7. Inflammatory conditions

8. Joint effusion

9. Low back pain

10. Osteomyelitis

11. Strains/sprains

12. Trauma (e.g., Achilles tendon rupture, blast injuries)

D. Wound

1. Abrasions

2. Avulsions

3. Foreign bodies

4. Infections

5. Injection injuries (e.g., grease gun, paintgun)

6. Lacerations

7. Missile injuries (e.g., guns, nail guns)

8. Pressure ulcers

9. Puncture wounds

10. Trauma (i.e., including degloving injuries)

7. Environment and Toxicology Emergencies, and Communicable Diseases 15

A. Environment

1. Burns

2. Chemical exposure (e.g., organophosphates, cleaning agents)

3. Electrical injuries

4. Envenomation emergencies (e.g., spiders, snakes, aquatic organisms)

5. Food poisoning

6. Parasite and fungal infestations (e.g., giardia, ringworm, scabies)

7. Radiation exposure

8. Submersion injury

9. Temperature-related emergencies (e.g., heat, cold, and systemic)

10. Vector borne illnesses:

a. Rabies

b. Tick-borne illness (e.g., Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever)

B. Toxicology

1. Acids and alkalis

2. Carbon monoxide

3. Cyanide

4. Drug interactions (includingalternative therapies)

5. Overdose and ingestions

6. Substance abuse

7. Withdrawal syndrome

C. Communicable Diseases

1. C. Difficile

2. Childhood diseases (e.g., measles, mumps, pertussis, chicken pox,


3. Herpes zoster

4. Mononucleosis

5. Multi-drug resistant organisms (e.g., MRSA, VRE)

6. Tuberculosis

8. Professional Issues 16

A. Nurse

1. Critical Incident Stress Management

2. Ethical dilemmas

3. Evidence-based practice

4. Lifelong learning

5. Research

B. Patient

1. Discharge planning

2. End of life issues:

a. Organ and tissue donation

b. Advance directives

c. Family presence

d. Withholding, withdrawing, and palliative care

3. Forensic evidence collection

4. Pain management and procedural sedation

5. Patient safety

6. Patient satisfaction

7. Transfer and stabilization

8. Transitions of care

a. external handoffs

b. internal handoffs

c. patient boarding

d. shift reporting

9. cultural considerations (e.g., interpretive services, privacy, decision making)

C. System

1. Delegation of tasks to assistive personnel

2. Disaster management (i.e., preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery)

3. Federal regulations (e.g., HIPAA, EMTALA)

4. Patient consent for treatment Performance improvement

6. Risk management

7. Symptom surveillance

a. recognizing symptom clusters

b. mandatory reporting of diseases

D. Triage

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Medical Nurse certification


Physician assistant, nurse practitioner or doctor: What patients should know

No result found, try new keyword!Data shows patients fare similarly with a doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner in some settings but the jury is still out in others.

Building a Rural Nursing Workforce With Fisher-Titus Medical Center

Building a robust nursing workforce is hugely important in providing quality care to patients, but poses unique challenges in rural Ohio. In this conversation, Fisher-Titus’s Stacy Daniel, director of clinical programs, and Katie Chieda, chief nursing officer, share how their team concentrated on recruiting international nurses to ensure that they remained a strong, independent health system for years to come.

00;00;01;05 - 00;00;35;00Tom HaederleEnsuring a robust nursing workforce in rural Ohio poses unique challenges. Equipped with a broad plan to retain their current workforce and recruit additional team members, the team at Fisher Titus Health concentrated on recruiting international nurses to their community to ensure they remain a strong, independent hospital for years to come.

00;00;35;02 - 00;01;03;23Tom HaederleWelcome to Advancing Health, a podcast brought to you by the American Hospital Association. I'm Tom Haederle with AHA Communications. In today's episode, Elisa Arespacochaga , AHA’s vice president of Clinical Affairs and Workforce, sits down with Stacy Daniel, director of clinical programs with Fisher Titus Medical Center, and Katie Chieda, chief nursing officer with Fisher Titus, to discuss their approach to building and sustaining a rural health care workforce.

00;01;03;26 - 00;01;26;07Elisa ArespacochagaWelcome to another podcast in the AHA's ongoing series where they focus on important issues facing clinician leaders. I'm Elisa Arespacochaga, vice president of Clinical Affairs and Workforce. I'm joined today by Stacy Daniel, director of Clinical Programs, and Katie Chieda, chief nursing officer for Fisher Titus Medical Center. Today we're going to talk about their approach to building and sustaining a rural health care workforce.

00;01;26;09 - 00;01;35;18Elisa ArespacochagaSo, all right, to get us started and Stacey, I'll start with you here. Tell me a little bit about yourself and your organization and then I'll ask Katie to chime in as well.

00;01;35;21 - 00;02;02;18Stacy DanielSo I have served as the director of clinical programs at Fisher Titus since 2021. I earned my Bachelor's of Arts and Biology from Ohio State in 2008 and my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from Ashland University in 2014. I began my nursing career at Fisher Titus in 2014 as a staff nurse. Since then, I've held various positions throughout the organization, including church nurse, hospital supervisor and manager of nursing operations.

00;02;02;21 - 00;02;25;24Stacy DanielAs director of clinical programs, I serve as a liaison between Fisher, Titus Health and the clinical education programs. Ensuring continued development and successful recruitment and retention of their clinical staff, as well as leading international recruitment efforts. I also lead their clinical education department in initial and continuing education requirements and opportunities throughout their health system.

00;02;25;27 - 00;02;37;27Elisa ArespacochagaGreat. So you really have a sense from the ground up of where how the nursing team works and how to support it. So, Stacey, a little bit about you and Fisher, Titus.

00;02;37;29 - 00;03;07;21Stacy DanielYes. So Fisher Titus Health is an independent rural community health system, and we're located in north central Ohio. They have a 99 of that acute care hospital, which includes a level three trauma center, level two cath lab and certified stroke center. And they also have a 69-bed skilled nursing facility, a 40-unit assisted living facility. They have a home health center employed ambulatory physician group that provides primary and specialty care across 18 different sites.

00;03;07;23 - 00;03;17;03Stacy DanielWe also have a diverse ancillary outpatient services, which includes lab imaging, and they have a robust adult and pediatric rehab services at their facility. And Katie,

00;03;17;05 - 00;03;22;13Elisa Arespacochagaa little bit about your your background and how you came to this position.

00;03;22;15 - 00;03;54;25Katie ChiedaThank you. I am Katie Chieda and I serve as the chief nursing officer for Fisher Titus Health. I have served in this position since 2016. I originally joined Fisher Titus in 2013, holding many different leadership roles. Prior to the role I'm in today. As Chief nursing officer, I oversee nursing, ancillary and post-acute services across the health system. I started my nursing career at the Cleveland Clinic, serving as a bedside nurse prior to taking on nursing leadership roles.

00;03;54;27 - 00;04;15;19Katie ChiedaI also play an active role in the Ohio Organization of Nursing Leaders, serving as the committee chair for the engagement committee, as well as a seat on the board of directors for OONO. In addition to the state level involvement. I'm also a member of the American Organization of Nurse Leaders and serve on the Huron County Mental Health and Addiction Services Board.

00;04;15;21 - 00;04;28;26Elisa ArespacochagaGreat. Thank you. So, Katie, let's talk a little bit about how the pandemic and the nursing shortage really impacted your organization. Can you tell me a little bit about how that has gone for you?

00;04;28;29 - 00;04;58;14Katie ChiedaYeah. Before the pandemic, Fisher Tigers did not utilize contract labor. They were blessed that that wasn't something that they had to to turn to to staff their organization. Fortunately, they started the evaluation of international nursing in 2018-2019. As an independent community hospital surrounded by large tertiary centers. Their challenge with the nursing shortage was really just beginning at that point.

00;04;58;16 - 00;05;25;11Katie ChiedaOur team examined the market, their current ability to recruit and retain optimal staffing along with state and national trends, to identify strategies for recruitment and retention. Their findings indicated the growing nursing shortage, even before the pandemic. So they knew they had to start to find different solutions with that growing shortage. With the pandemic, of course, those nursing needs intensified quickly.

00;05;25;13 - 00;05;49;20Katie ChiedaWe expanded their med search bed capability as well as doubled the size of their ICU facilities across the state. We're nearing maximum capacity, which often meant that patients could not be transferred to other facilities. And that made their focus on really how do they maintain patient care here in the community, knowing that they may not be able to get those patients out. 

00;05;49;22 - 00;06;15;20Katie ChiedaWe did look at contract labor premium pay, of course, for their internal staff, but they were tired as well. So they wanted to ensure that they had the staff that they needed for the long term and they were able to, of course, as many hospitals across the nation did, decrease or hold elective services. They reallocate allocated resources from across the organization, ensuring that they were still providing the best care to their patients.

00;06;15;22 - 00;06;40;15Elisa ArespacochagaYeah, I know you took a look at a number of different approaches. You mentioned several of them to support your own workforce. In addition to looking to see how you could bring additional workforce in which in a rural area where you have a little more challenge doing that. Can you talk a little bit about some of those additional approaches that you looked at in addition to looking at bringing in international nurses?

00;06;40;17 - 00;07;04;04Katie ChiedaRecruitment retention was a strategic priority before the pandemic, and of course it continues to be today. Their goal is to continue as an independent community hospital. So now myself and their chief of h.r. As well as Stacy and a few other members of the team, they meet on a monthly basis to review new opportunities for consideration for recruitment and retention.

00;07;04;07 - 00;07;23;29Katie ChiedaIn the past, it definitely held a place on their strategic plan, but it didn't get monthly attention to shift. But some of the things that they do or we've identified as opportunities, they looked at an updated nursing compensation structure, which as soon as you look at it and make a change, you probably need to look at it again.

00;07;24;01 - 00;07;57;04Katie ChiedaWe also did focused educational assistance to ensure that they were spending the dollars allocated organizationally on their biggest challenge areas from a workforce standpoint. They identified and strengthened their clinical school partnerships. They expanded their clinical ladder program and that program is truly to keep the experts at the bedside. And they looked and they developed and then expanded a nursing residency program continually to look at the nursing compensation structure, as I mentioned at the beginning.

00;07;57;06 - 00;08;04;28Katie ChiedaWe also looked at nontraditional nursing hours and international recruitment in addition to those other items.

00;08;05;00 - 00;08;29;12Elisa ArespacochagaGreat. Yeah, I think it's going to take a lot of different approaches to really make this effective. And it sounds like you've had a full suite of activities. Stacy, let me turn to you now to talk a little bit about how you sort of rethought some of the nursing programs and focused on some of the international opportunities and some of those education and support activities that you lead.

00;08;29;14 - 00;08;51;11Stacy DanielYes. So when they decided they were going to begin down the road with international recruitment, one very important consideration they had was identifying a partner and then also determining whether they wanted to do direct to hire or contract staff. So they wanted to make sure the nurses were part of the Fisher Titus family and that they feel like they're part of their community.

00;08;51;11 - 00;09;17;19Stacy DanielSo they did opt for the direct-to-hire nurses. They identified their partner in late 2019, which was PRC Global, and then they began their road to recruitment. At the time, they recognized that it would take a minimum of about a year for them to come on. But with complications with immigration and the pandemic slowing down the process, it really extended it to about 18 months some times.

00;09;17;22 - 00;09;44;18Stacy DanielSo they strongly believed in finding the right individuals and building the right onboarding structure and felt like that was very critical to their success. So they developed a comprehensive interview process so that involved frontline leaders, frontline staff, and then they had a final interview with Katie, the chief nursing officer. Throughout this process, they not only identified the right person by skill and fit, they also shared the support system they had built to ensure their mutual success.

00;09;44;25 - 00;10;02;25Stacy DanielSo this included community mentor program, peer mentor, preceptor program, their general onboarding, and then also cultural diversity classes that they had for existing staff as well as their new international nurses and teambuilding events that they would have with the nurses when they arrived.

00;10;02;28 - 00;10;24;01Elisa ArespacochagaThat sounds great. Really important to make them feel like they they have come to a community that's really welcoming of them. I know when you shared this with me, you've shared some pictures of some of the different activities and welcoming them, which I just think is a great idea, even to meeting them at the airport too, to make sure they feel connected to your organization.

00;10;24;03 - 00;10;31;05Elisa ArespacochagaKatie, let me ask you, what are some of the challenges that came along with this as you started getting it off the ground?

00;10;31;07 - 00;10;52;20Katie ChiedaI would say the biggest challenge was getting their clinical leaders comfortable with the fact that they were identifying an individual that was going to join their team 12 to 18 months from now. Generally speaking, when you talk about recruitment of a nurse, we're filling a position that's open today and you're looking for the skillset to meet that need.

00;10;52;22 - 00;11;17;14Katie ChiedaSo they we had to shift their thinking on that. Some just that you're identifying somebody that fits with your team, that brings the skillset that you need for the team, but you're not necessarily identifying someone for a specific position. That was interesting. I think they had to keep them connected with the nurses throughout the time frame from when they identified and hired that individual through the date of arrival.

00;11;17;14 - 00;11;43;10Katie ChiedaAnd Stacey did a really great job of ensuring that that connection happened. That was probably the biggest challenge in the beginning. Once they did have an arrival date for those nurses that were joining us, then it was working with their h.r. Team to ensure a seamless onboarding process. There is a quick turnaround from the date that the nurse arrives to the date that the nurse has to start.

00;11;43;10 - 00;12;12;09Katie ChiedaIt's within one week. So all that pre hire paperwork and any prep that they could do in advance of them arriving, they needed to do so they could meet that deadline of a week. The second challenge that they identified were the minor differences in the general nursing practice. And although they had discussions with their nurses when they hired them in discussions with their partner PRS Global, some of those things weren't identified until their nurses arrived.

00;12;12;09 - 00;12;47;07Katie ChiedaAnd they really relied heavily on their preceptors and their clinical education teams to work collaboratively and identify and addressing those differences as the nurses joined us. And really they we, we've we've grown since their first nurse arrived to where they are today, incorporating monthly education and just listening to every member of the team, the preceptor, the nurse who joined us and their clinical education team to ensure that they were providing them the best education.

00;12;47;08 - 00;12;53;12Katie ChiedaSo at the end of their orientation, they could be a successful member of the nursing team.

00;12;53;15 - 00;13;11;10Elisa ArespacochagaThat's great. It sounds like you've really created a an ongoing welcome, if you will. Stacey, let me ask you, what are you working on to sustain this effort to keep those connections beyond what Katie already covered? And how do you see your process going forward?

00;13;11;13 - 00;13;33;05Stacy DanielYeah, so they have open communication with the nurses and we've developed additional education to support the differences that they have noted in practice between the United States and the Philippines. They have team building events that are scheduled. They try to do them quarterly and encourage that the nurses build relationships with their mentors, both within the hospital and also within the community.

00;13;33;11 - 00;13;59;26Stacy DanielWe really want them to have that tie to the community and feel like they're part of Norwalk. So they truly believe that the key to success is ensuring that the nurses feel like they're that part of the community and the Fisher Titus family. These nurses are signing a three year agreement with us. So they hope that the environment they create here within the hospital and within the Norwalk community encourages them to remain here for many years to come.

00;13;59;28 - 00;14;20;02Elisa ArespacochagaGreat. Let me ask you, Katie. Now, looking back on the last I guess it's been for almost five years, what advice would you share with others who might be thinking about either bringing in international nurses or taking a look at some of the the ways that they're supporting their nursing teams?

00;14;20;05 - 00;14;50;07Katie ChiedaI definitely would say ensuring that you have a comprehensive program to support the nurses joining, but then also the nurses supporting them and the community members that step forward. For us, it was the support of those key stakeholders that truly created our, I believe, made their program stand out for the international nurses. That includes the frontline staff. They did get their buy in from their board of directors and their community members.

00;14;50;09 - 00;15;14;16Katie ChiedaAnd truly, I would tell you, their community members made this experience for their nurses. Many of their nurses came with their spouses or their families, and they've been hired by companies in their community that are providing them just as much support as they are. In addition, I would tell people the more work you can complete in advance of their arrival, the better.

00;15;14;18 - 00;15;36;29Katie ChiedaWe had the opportunity with the pandemic and the immigration process to have 18 months to prepare. That created a challenge of keeping connected with those individuals. But it also gave us plenty of time to tell the story. So by the time their first nurse arrived, I can tell you their staff was super excited for them to be here as were their community mentors.

00;15;37;01 - 00;16;09;16Katie ChiedaIt's important to remember that these individuals are leaving everything that they knew and helping them understand what they can expect when they arrive. It's very important for their transition. And then you want to get those nurses, those individuals integrated into the community as much as you can as well. So when they did their matching with the community mentors, they identified key hobbies...or church attendance or families with children ages.

00;16;09;18 - 00;16;31;28Katie ChiedaAnd they made sure that the people that they connected that with them with could provide them the support that they needed outside of working hours. Sometimes those three 12-hour shifts as a nurse, seems like you spend most of your time at the hospital. But for somebody who left there, their family and the community that they were used to, there's a lot of hours to fill outside of that.

00;16;31;28 - 00;16;44;22Katie ChiedaAnd having that community mentor to go to the grocery store with or attend a family event with or celebrate the holidays with, really made the experience for their nurses that much better.

00;16;44;25 - 00;17;11;09Elisa ArespacochagaI'm sure and just even all the little things that you don't think of that just are a little bit different in a new country. Having that support to really help you, you know, make those connections, I think it's got to be a huge part of this. Well, Katie, Stacy, I want to thank you for your time and for sharing your story, not only at their Rural Leadership Conference, but also with their broader audience on this podcast.

00;17;11;12 - 00;17;23;13Elisa Arespacochaga

Thanks for joining me.


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Warum sind Cyberrisiken so schwer greifbar?

Als mehr oder weniger neuartiges Phänomen stellen Cyberrisiken Unternehmen und Versicherer vor besondere Herausforderungen. Nicht nur die neuen Schadenszenarien sind abstrakter oder noch nicht bekannt. Häufig sind immaterielle Werte durch Cyberrisiken in Gefahr. Diese wertvollen Vermögensgegenstände sind schwer bewertbar.

Obwohl die Gefahr durchaus wahrgenommen wird, unterschätzen viele Firmen ihr eigenes Risiko. Dies liegt unter anderem auch an den Veröffentlichungen zu Cyberrisiken. In der Presse finden sich unzählige Berichte von Cyberattacken auf namhafte und große Unternehmen. Den Weg in die Presse finden eben nur die spektakulären Fälle. Die dort genannten Schadenszenarien werden dann für das eigene Unternehmen als unrealistisch eingestuft. Die für die KMU nicht minder gefährlichen Cyber­attacken werden nur selten publiziert.

Aufgrund der fehlenden öffentlichen Meldungen von Sicherheitsvorfällen an Sicherheitsbehörden und wegen der fehlenden Presseberichte fällt es schwer, Fakten und Zahlen zur Risikolage zu erheben. Aber ohne diese Grundlage fällt es schwer, in entsprechende Sicherheitsmaßnahmen zu investieren.

Erklärungsleitfaden anhand eines Ursache-Wirkungs-Modells

Häufig nähert man sich dem Thema Cyberrisiko anlass- oder eventbezogen, also wenn sich neue Schaden­szenarien wie die weltweite WannaCry-Attacke entwickeln. Häufig wird auch akteursgebunden beleuchtet, wer Angreifer oder Opfer sein kann. Dadurch begrenzt man sich bei dem Thema häufig zu sehr nur auf die Cyberkriminalität. Um dem Thema Cyberrisiko jedoch gerecht zu werden, müssen auch weitere Ursachen hinzugezogen werden.

Mit einer Kategorisierung kann das Thema ganzheitlich und nachvollziehbar strukturiert werden. Ebenso hilft eine solche Kategorisierung dabei, eine Abgrenzung vorzunehmen, für welche Gefahren Versicherungsschutz über eine etwaige Cyberversicherung besteht und für welche nicht.

Die Ursachen sind dabei die Risiken, während finanzielle bzw. nicht finanzielle Verluste die Wirkungen sind. Cyberrisiken werden demnach in zwei Hauptursachen eingeteilt. Auf der einen Seite sind die nicht kriminellen Ursachen und auf der anderen Seite die kriminellen Ursachen zu nennen. Beide Ursachen können dabei in drei Untergruppen unterteilt werden.

Nicht kriminelle Ursachen

Höhere Gewalt

Häufig hat man bei dem Thema Cyberrisiko nur die kriminellen Ursachen vor Augen. Aber auch höhere Gewalt kann zu einem empfindlichen Datenverlust führen oder zumindest die Verfügbarkeit von Daten einschränken, indem Rechenzentren durch Naturkatastrophen wie beispielsweise Überschwemmungen oder Erdbeben zerstört werden. Ebenso sind Stromausfälle denkbar.

Menschliches Versagen/Fehlverhalten

Als Cyberrisiken sind auch unbeabsichtigtes und menschliches Fehlverhalten denkbar. Hierunter könnte das versehentliche Veröffentlichen von sensiblen Informationen fallen. Möglich sind eine falsche Adressierung, Wahl einer falschen Faxnummer oder das Hochladen sensibler Daten auf einen öffentlichen Bereich der Homepage.

Technisches Versagen

Auch Hardwaredefekte können zu einem herben Datenverlust führen. Neben einem Überhitzen von Rechnern sind Kurzschlüsse in Systemtechnik oder sogenannte Headcrashes von Festplatten denkbare Szenarien.

Kriminelle Ursachen


Hackerangriffe oder Cyberattacken sind in der Regel die Szenarien, die die Presse dominieren. Häufig wird von spektakulären Datendiebstählen auf große Firmen oder von weltweiten Angriffen mit sogenannten Kryptotrojanern berichtet. Opfer kann am Ende aber jeder werden. Ziele, Methoden und auch das Interesse sind vielfältig. Neben dem finanziellen Interesse können Hackerangriffe auch zur Spionage oder Sabotage eingesetzt werden. Mögliche Hackermethoden sind unter anderem: Social Engineering, Trojaner, DoS-Attacken oder Viren.

Physischer Angriff

Die Zielsetzung eines physischen Angriffs ist ähnlich dem eines Hacker­angriffs. Dabei wird nicht auf die Tools eines Hackerangriffs zurückgegriffen, sondern durch das physische Eindringen in Unternehmensgebäude das Ziel erreicht. Häufig sind es Mitarbeiter, die vertrauliche Informationen stehlen, da sie bereits den notwendigen Zugang zu den Daten besitzen.


Obwohl die Erpressung aufgrund der eingesetzten Methoden auch als Hacker­angriff gewertet werden könnte, ergibt eine Differenzierung Sinn. Erpressungsfälle durch Kryptotrojaner sind eines der häufigsten Schadenszenarien für kleinere und mittelständische Unternehmen. Außerdem sind auch Erpressungsfälle denkbar, bei denen sensible Daten gestohlen wurden und ein Lösegeld gefordert wird, damit sie nicht veröffentlicht oder weiterverkauft werden.

Ihre Cyberversicherung sollte zumindet folgende Schäden abdecken:


  • Soforthilfe und Forensik-Kosten (Kosten der Ursachenermittlung, Benachrichtigungskosten und Callcenter-Leistung)
  • Krisenkommunikation / PR-Maßnahmen
  • Systemverbesserungen nach einer Cyber-Attacke
  • Aufwendungen vor Eintritt des Versicherungsfalls

Cyber-Drittschäden (Haftpflicht):

  • Befriedigung oder Abwehr von Ansprüchen Dritter
  • Rechtswidrige elektronische Kommunikation
  • Ansprüche der E-Payment-Serviceprovider
  • Vertragsstrafe wegen der Verletzung von Geheimhaltungspflichten und Datenschutzvereinbarungen
  • Vertragliche Schadenersatzansprüche
  • Vertragliche Haftpflicht bei Datenverarbeitung durch Dritte
  • Rechtsverteidigungskosten


  • Betriebsunterbrechung
  • Betriebsunterbrechung durch Ausfall von Dienstleister (optional)
  • Mehrkosten
  • Wiederherstellung von Daten (auch Entfernen der Schadsoftware)
  • Cyber-Diebstahl: elektronischer Zahlungsverkehr, fehlerhafter Versand von Waren, Telefon-Mehrkosten/erhöhte Nutzungsentgelte
  • Cyber-Erpressung
  • Entschädigung mit Strafcharakter/Bußgeld
  • Ersatz-IT-Hardware
  • Cyber-Betrug